The Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) is the leading, strategically focused, specialist educational consultants. We have extensive experience in working with schools, businesses and the media. ICCOM trains students, teachers, public speakers, government officials, sales persons, and others to become better speakers.

ICCOM Staff, Lagos Office

ICCOM is duly certified by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education and the Corporate Affairs Commission to train communicators and organize research based workshops. Therefore, we are run speech training and diction instruction for individuals and organisations. In addition, ICCOM can design and revamp your Spoken English curriculum and offer bespoke and targeted interventions to install the speak right culture in your school or business. We also run online courses for individuals and issue certificates to individuals who successfully complete our courses.


We have over twenty-years experience in  in teaching spoken English in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. Plus, we have a team of dedicated tutors and instructors that run our online and in-person professional training courses.  Follow the link below to learn more about the courses we offer and how you or your school can benefit from them.


ICCOM has produced the longest-running language learning programme on Nigerian television Diction Avenue which runs in Galaxy television and has been in charge of training Galaxy Television staff for about a decade. Also, we have worked with schools all over Nigeria and also in Ghana, Kenya and Gambia. For these reasons, there is no doubt that ICCOM is the go-to entity for speech-related training and content in Nigeria.

Talking about the English plural morpheme on Diction Avenue