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Spoken English Certification

Pupils offering the Diction in English course can now acquire Spoken English Certification. The Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) and Diction in English Assessment Ltd are coming together to give pupils in the terminal Grades 5 and 6 an opportunity to get a SECA Level 1 Certification. The assessment will test candidate’s competency in four core areas:

  1. Spelling
  2. Pronunciation
  3. Reading
  4. Listening

Registration Fee

N2,000.00. Register here

Benefits of Spoken English Certification

  • Prepares students for sitting language tests both within and outside Nigeria
  • Boosts student’s confidence and increases social capital.
  • Boosts student’s CV as they keep the certification for life.
  • Positions students for next level assessment on speech and presentation.


  • Registration opens May 15, 2019 and closes June 19, 2019.
  • There will be 100 questions in all.
  • The examination will be hosted online at www. iccom.ng
  • Total time allocated for answering each question is 30 seconds.
  • Assess sample examination questions
  • Exams will hold all day on the examination date June 20th, 2019.
  • Results will be posted immediately after exams.
  • All candidates that score 60 points and above will be certified.
  • Candidates that score 90 points and above will be awarded a special gold embossed Distinction Certificate.

We, therefore, call on all schools of the ICCOM Family and others to test their Spoken English competency with the ICCOM Spoken English Certification Assessment. ICCOM remains the foremost Spoken English learning platform in Nigeria.

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    1. Hello Gift, if you are working and need the certification, then it is best you register for any of our Spoken English Courses. We have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses all leading to certification. You can call +2348061282222 for more details.

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