MySET BOX for improved spoken English


The Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) in collaboration with Education Resorts Intl and its allies is pleased to announce the release of a new audio player called MySet Box, an audio player that contains well-graded speech lessons for various levels. The MySet Box has two titles: Spoken English for Africans and My Spoken English. This speech tool is designed to groom Africans to speak right.

With MySet Box, you may choose to sit any of our Spoken English Certification Assessments.

The new audio speech box contains courses that highlight all aspects of spoken English that can help improve your Spoken English and train your tongue to speak English the English way. It presents and analyzes the forty-four English sounds, and contrast sounds that are easily confused. It also discusses Syllable Stress and Emphatic Stress.

Learn how applying the principles associated with these types of stress affect your spoken English. In addition, it talks about Rhymes – how to tell when words Rhyme and why you need to learn about Rhymes and rhyming words. It also treats Intonation. Learn how Intonation affects your speaking and how it’s likened to etiquette. And what’s more, learn how words are connected in speech and the reason the whites appear to speak so fast. It’s so very important that you learn how to add rhythm to your everyday utterances. These and many more are covered in the courses contained in the MySet Box.

How it Works

The MySet Box can be played, paused, skipped, and replayed. It’s very audible, flexible, portable, easy to operate, and is rechargeable.

So you can now have fun as you learn to speak English the English way and sit any of our Spoken English Certification Assessments in the comfort of your home.

Place your order now. Call Abigail or Yinka on 0810 438 0579, 0813 853 4644, 0813 848 9703

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