Speech coordinators at ICCOM Accreditation

Duties of the Speech Coordinator

Do you remember these duties/qualities of a Speech Coordinator as outlined during your last accreditation? Here is a quick reminder.

Attention must be given to all educators who must champion the speak-right crusade at all times in the school.

It must be seen by all in all quarters that you are striving to speak right.

If a coordinator speaks right, it is going to positively influence the learners and other educators.

Aside from taking the lead in speaking right in your school, here are some of your duties as a speech coordinator:

  1. Ensure that the course runs the number of times prescribed by ICCOM per week in each of the classes.
  2. Ensure that the teachers comply with guidelines that regulate the speech class.
  3. Designate a Diction Day in a week for all to speak-rigjt and ensure that all comply.
  4. Regularly remind pupils, through appropriate channels, to watch their course videos and do their assignments.
  5. Make sure that each class is assigned presentations to be made at the morning assembly.

This should be a class a week and the presentation should be drawn from the course videos.

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