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Have you been told that you say “Hon” when you mean to say, “ON”? Probably, you may have heard yourself say, “Hand” when you intend to say “AND”. And you must have tried all you could to get rid of this intrusive “H” that keeps haunting you but to no avail. The “Aych Syndrome”, generally known as Aspiration Problem, is a source of unending embarrassment to many non-native speakers of… Read More »THE AYCH SYNDROME THERAPY


The Speak with Confidence Course is for individuals who struggle with English tenses and grammar. Have you been having it difficult communicating with people in English? Do you, quite too often, grope for words and end up using fillers such as “You know” or some gestures to replace the exact words you want to use? Do you sometimes feel shy and inferior because you are not able to express yourself… Read More »SPEAK WITH CONFIDENCE

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Spoken English Certification

Pupils offering the Diction in English course can now acquire Spoken English Certification. The Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) and Diction in English Assessment Ltd are coming together to give pupils in the terminal Grades 5 and 6 an opportunity to get a SECA Level 1 Certification. The assessment will test candidate’s competency in four core areas: Spelling Pronunciation Reading Listening Registration Fee N2,000.00. Register here Benefits of Spoken English… Read More »Spoken English Certification

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule of Spoken English

In 1854, the word diastema/daɪsti:mə/ was first used to mean a space between teeth. Little did I know that tooth gap is a health issue until this write up. When the gap is at the upper front teeth, it could make a smile look really cute. Surprisingly though, some persons are not comfortable with diastema or tooth gap. As you read this script, you also can see spaces or gaps… Read More »The Golden Rule of Spoken English