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Words Connect Mini-Course

The Words Connect mini-course addresses word pairing and reading in the English language. This is one of the differences between spoken and written English. In written English, words are separated from each other by creating spaces of one letter between them. It’s not so in rapid speech. Quite too often, words connect. If you want to sound polished and posh, you will enjoy being part of the most simplified class… Read More »Words Connect Mini-Course

Sound and Spelling Mini-Course

The Sounds and Spelling Micro-Course is designed to help pupils/students master the 44 sounds of the English Sound System, also known as sounds of English or phonemes. This course will also help younger learners differentiate between the English phonemes and letters of the English alphabet. Course Content Letter names Spelling English Words Vowel Sounds Consonant Sounds Benefits of the English Sound System Masterclass Knowledge of English sounds helps improve your… Read More »Sound and Spelling Mini-Course


Learn to improve your spoken English and grow in confidence with our professionally researched courses for learners, educators, and professionals. We offer classes in-person (for schools and individuals) and on-line. Courses for Schools The courses for schools run in two formats: The in-person course, where our facilitators visit the schools and run the Speech and Presentation course directly in their classrooms. The online course, where our speech mentors host classes… Read More »Courses