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The Speak with Confidence Course is for individuals who struggle with English tenses and grammar. Have you been having it difficult communicating with people in English? Do you, quite too often, grope for words and end up using fillers such as “You know” or some gestures to replace the exact words you want to use? Do you sometimes feel shy and inferior because you are not able to express yourself… Read More »SPEAK WITH CONFIDENCE

Accent Reduction Course

The Accent Reduction/Speech and Presentation course is a five-level spoken English, speech training and public speaking course. Each level comprises about 100 lessons divided into 3 parts (.1, .2, and .3). Each level may be covered in about 3 months. There are simple exercises that you must complete as you run the certification course. Engaging in practical exercises will help you make good presentations during your project. And at the… Read More »Accent Reduction Course