The English Sound System Masterclass

The English Sound System Masterclass will help you master the 44 sounds of the English Sound System, also known as Sounds of English or phonemes. You will also be able to differentiate between the English phonemes and letters of the English alphabet or the common letter we use for writing? Benefits of the English Sound System Masterclass ▪ Knowledge of English sounds helps improve your pronunciation of English words. ▪… Read More »The English Sound System Masterclass

intonation masterclass card

Intonation Masterclass

The Intonation Masterclass is designed to teach you how to get attention when you speak? If your speech and presentation draw people’s attention, you are about to emerge a winner. Winners are usually listenable. But what makes one listenable? Good pronunciation that is achieved when you master the English sounds and understand how stress works. The sound of your voice, which phoneticians refer to as intonation. In this masterclass, you… Read More »Intonation Masterclass

Words Connect Masterclass

The Words Connect Masterclass addresses a unique feature of spoken English – word pairs. This is one of the differences between spoken and written English. In written English, words are separated from each other by creating spaces of one letter between them. It’s not so in rapid speech. Quite too often, words connect. If you want to sound polished and posh, you will enjoy being part of the most simplified class… Read More »Words Connect Masterclass

Syllable stress masterclass

Stressed Syllable Masterclass

The Stressed Syllable Masterclass takes you through the principles of loud and faint parts of words which is responsible for the music of English. With the English sounds, you learn mainly to pronounce one-syllable words like sit, come, now, first, fire, and on. But there are a multitude of English words that are of more than one syllable. For instance, is it SUCcess or sucCESS? Is it, PARdon or parDON?… Read More »Stressed Syllable Masterclass