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Procrastination: A Friend of Laziness

Do you have issues with some team members loafing and wasting one of the most valuable resources—time? This abridged presentation by one of our corporate speakers might interest you. It talks about procrastination and how it can kill productivity. When one is sleeping and as it’s normal, they reluctantly will want to wake up when it’s time to rise. Some, like the wife of Lot, have procrastinated leaving their comfort… Read More »Procrastination: A Friend of Laziness

Human Capital Managers

The Human Capital Managers, Esau and Jacob

They are two jolly friends but as different as Esau and Jacob. What makes the difference between them is their disposition to how they live their lives. While Esau procrastinates, Jacob takes prompt action on issues whenever they arise. They are two types of human capital managers. So it happened one day that Esau gradually took ill. Instead of him to visit his doctor upon seeing the symptom of his… Read More »The Human Capital Managers, Esau and Jacob