/ɔ:/ words

/ɔ:/ sound title

Can you find the words in the crossword?

Can you find the /ɔ:/ words? Try to crossword and see how well you do! Note: To highlight the words, click on the first and last letter on your computer or on mobile. Enjoy!

/ɔ:/ sound title

How to teach the long /ɔ:/ sound

The /ɔ:/ sound is one of the symbols of the International Phonetics Association’s (IPA). It is the seventh sound in the list of vowels or the English Sound System. It is produced with rounded lips.  Like the long ‘e’, and /a:/ it is a universal sound. In Nigeria, all the major dialects have the vowel, so it is not a difficult sound for Nigerians to articulate. Each time you say… Read More »How to teach the long /ɔ:/ sound