Iccom speechmasters National contest flyer

Entry Form

This entry form is designed for the ICCOM Speechmasters National Contest.

Please read the rules carefully before you fill  the entry form.

Contest Rules

  1. Entry  for ICCOM Speechmasters National Contest is in two categories:
    1. Junior Category: For pupils and students, grade 3 to SSS3, who will turn 18 by September 30th, 2019 and below.
    2. Senior Category: For individuals who will turn 18 by October 1, 2019 and above.
  2. The topics for the two categories are as follows:
    1. Junior category: Prepare a -minute talk on any topic of their choice End the talk with the phrase your accent is your asset.
    2. Senior Category: Prepare a 3-minute talk on The power of words agreeing or disagreeing with Albert Mehrabian’s Rule: Communications is 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal OR choose any topic of your own to speak on for three minutes. End your talk with the phrase your accent is your asset.
  3. To enter fill the online application form below and follow the link to pay the entry fee.  Please note that multiple entries are not acceptable. Entry fees are as follows
    1. Junior Category: N500
    2. Senior Category: N1000
  4. Prepare your talk.
  5. Upload the video of your talk with the link provided. You can upload your video immediately you register or return to this page to upload it it later.
  6. Wait for the email indicating that your entry has been verified. If your entry does not meet our technical specifications we may ask you to make another video.
  7. When your video is approved, you may upload the video of your talk to ICCOM’s Facebook
  8. Get your friends to like your talk.
  9. The top 20 with the highest likes will be evaluated by our panel of judges who will present the top 11 for prizes
  10. Entry closes October 20, 2019.


Senior Category : N100,000
And N10,000 for the top 10 runners up

Junior Category: N50,000
And N5,000 for the top 10 runners up

The entry with the top likes on on Our Facebook page every week will be featured and promoted on Diction Avenue TV show

Criteria for judging ICCOM Speechmasters National Contest.


This competition is open to Nigerian Residents Only