Speech and Presentation Course

About the Course

The Speech and Presentation Course is a beginner to intermediate level course that focuses on helping learners to develop a globally acceptable neutral accent.  It is designed for persons who have had little or no exposure to or any training in spoken English. They have little or no knowledge of the English phonemes or the sounds that they represent. They have also had little or no exposure to principles of word stress and intonation. Teachers, broadcasters, front desk officers and other who require a neutral accent will benefit from taking this course. 

How it Works

Upon registration, you will be expected to choose a mentor. All our mentors have had decades of professional experience and are available to guide you through the practical course delivered in text and video.

Your mentor will send you your lessons every week. It is recommended that you watch the videos while looking at the text.

You will have a weekly check-in with your mentor, where you will share your oral and/or written quizzes  which accompany each lesson. You must complete the quizzes before advancing to the next lesson. Please note that the passing grade for each quiz is 65%.

The course is designed to be taken within three months. 

Course Modules

The Spoken English Course has five modules

  • Letters of the English Alphabet/Spelling
  • Introduction to the English Sound system
  • Introduction to Loud and faint parts of words (using word endings)
  • Words Connect (C+V, C+C))
  • Introduction to Intonation


Completing this course will lead to the award of  Certificate in Speech and Presentation.