SAP Summit

About the SAP Summit

The Speech and Presentation (SAP) Summit powered by the Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) promises to be a landmark knowledge-sharing event premised on teaching, assessing and evaluating Speech Training in Nigerian Private Schools. It will address the need for standardisation of speech training in Nigeria. It will bring together educators, members of academia, speech trainers and other stakeholders in the language teaching value chain to come up with a document that provides rules, guidelines or characteristics that will guide the teaching, assessing and evaluating of spoken English learning and training in Nigeria.


The teaching of spoken English has come a long way in Nigeria. Twenty years ago, there were just a handful of individuals and organizations promoting the speak right culture. Today, there are hundreds all over Nigeria who are actively providing this service and more and more schools are seeing the need to have consultants handle this aspect of their curriculum. Speech trainers in Nigeria are indeed serving as worthy ambassadors of the cause and helping more and more young people speak English that can be understood anywhere in the world.

But with success comes responsibilities and challenges. The industry cannot grow and thrive when some members, who are good at what they do are left out of the loop, while some who want to learn and get better do not know how to go about it. Certification is also an issue. It is no longer enough to just say you are good at what you are doing, when approaching schools and other institutions to offer service it is becoming imperative to present some form of certification to show that you know what you are doing.

It is against this background, that ICCOM presents a first of its kind spoken English Summit in Nigeria.


Setting the Agenda for the Standardizing of Spoken English Training in Nigeria


Key objectives of the SAP Summit are:

  1. Analysing the trends in language learning in the world.
  2. Underscoring mechanisms for adopting a holistic and demand-driven approach to addressing constraints facing speech training in Nigeria.
  3. Recommending inclusive strategies for strengthening the capacities of actors in the Speech training space.
  4. Spotlighting unique strategies for standardising Speech Training in Nigeria and reduce the possibility of schools being defrauded by quacks.
  5. Creating a platform for the development of the capacities of speech trainers for knowledge sharing and adoption of best practices.


The SAP Summit will conclude with the following outcomes:

  1. Production of a comprehensive white paper on the convocation which will be made assessable to all stakeholders.
  2. Passing a resolution on detailing the agenda to follow to standardise speech training in Nigeria.
  3. A communique detailing next steps for stakeholders.


One Day


A major highlight of the day’s activities will be a plenary session built around a Panel Discussion on the role of Private Sector Operators in Standardising Spoken English Training in Nigeria. Key stakeholders representing the academia, school proprietors and speech trainers will present in practical terms what needs to be done the curb the rise in quacks masquerading as speech trainers in schools.

Another major highlight is the breakout session, which will address the necessary components of Spoken English Training in Nigeria and the administrative framework for the harmonisation of Spoken English Training in Nigeria.

Other topics to be explored include:

  • Trends in Spoken English Training in Nigeria
  • The need for Standardization of Spoken English Training in Nigeria
  • How to Standardize Spoken English training in Nigeria


A total of 100 participants are expected at the conference:

  1. Directors/CEOs of Speech Training organisations in Nigeria
  2. Language Professors/Other Academia
  3. School Owners/Proprietors
  4. Speech Trainers
  5. Media
  6. Other Stakeholders

Benefits to Participants

The benefits of participation include:

  1. Exposure to the Whitepaper on Standardisation of speech training which will serve as a roadmap for future targeted convocations.
  2. Opportunity to network with speech training service providers.
  3. A certificate of participation to be issued to all participants.
  4. Participants will get a head start on implementation of the resolutions of the summit.

Project Management

The Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) will be fully in charge of the summit including handling of the secretariat. For about two decades, ICCOM has remained at the forefront of promoting speech training in Nigeria. We are acknowledged as the leading, strategically focused, specialist communication organisation. We have extensive direct experience in working with privately owned schools and broadcast media houses. The Institute of Certified Communicators LTD/GTE is duly certified by the  Federal Ministry of Education and the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. We have the mandate to train and develop human capital for communicators and to issue certificates of proficiency. We are also mandated organize workshops to promote research, teaching and application of artistic, humanistic and scientific principles of communication and to issue certificates of proficiency.

ICCOM has produced the longest-running language learning programme on Nigerian television Diction Avenue which runs in Galaxy television and has been in charge of training Galaxy Television staff for about a decade. We have worked with schools all over Nigeria and also in Ghana, Kenya and Gambia.  The Institute is due to be chartered in 2021. There is no doubt that ICCOM is the go-to entity for speech-related content in Nigeria.