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To be completed by every candidate who wants to register for any of the Institute of Certified Communicators Online Courses or Certification Examinations. The Institute of Certified Communicators LTD/GTE is duly certified by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Corporate Affairs Commission to train with a view to developing human capital for communicators and to issue certificates of proficiency; to organize workshops with a view to promoting research, teaching and application of artistic, humanistic and scientific principles of communication and to issue certificates of proficiency.


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  1. Looking forward to getting response on my application
    I need to be directed on how to make payments.

    1. Thank you for submitting your application Gift. A member of our team will be in touch shortly.

  2. I never knew I could get something like this online, am very pleased. Please do receive my application and get back to me, looking forward to it. Thanks!!

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