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What Variety of Nigerian English Do You Speak

The Institute of Certified Communicators has identified two varieties of Englishes of Nigerian English. Which type of Nigerian English do you speak? Read on to find out and learn how our accent reduction course can help you speak English that will be understood anywhere in the world.


There are two varieties of Nigerian Englishes

  1. General Nigerian English Pronunciation (GNEP)
  2. Regional Nigerian English Pronunciation (RNEP)

General Nigerian English Pronunciation (GNEP):

This is the standard of Nigerian English acceptable and understandable by most educated Nigerians.  Certain words may sound exaggerated or awkward when pronounced because the principles of “loud and faint parts of words” are not clearly applied. Also, the principles of “words connect” or “rapid speech”, are often not considered.

Some lexis and structure may need to be explained to English speakers that are not Nigerian because of the wrong placement of stress that leads to a misunderstanding of words.

In GNEP the four syllables in Vegetable is pronounced clearly with an emphasis on “table”. Fixed English expressions, idioms and phrases, may also be distorted and yet be understood by Nigerians. For example, the expression, “give me my balance” may be used for “give me my change”.

General Nigerian English Pronunciation may not give the speaker’s region or tribe away. This means that you may not detect where in Nigeria the speaker comes from when they speak English.

2. Regional Nigerian English Pronunciation (RNEP):

As the name suggests, certain regions within Nigeria have accents and nuances that are carried over into the English language.

The RNEP is influenced by the mother tongue. When you hear expressions like Yoruba English or English tainted by the H Factor, Igbo English characterised by emphasizing every syllable in a word or Hausa English with the mixing up of /p/ for /f/, these are examples of regional Nigerian English.

Take Our Accent Reduction Course and Learn ERI English Pronunciation (EEP)

ERI English Pronunciation (EEP) is a clear unaccented English that can be understood anywhere in the world. It is English without regionalism.

Like the GNEP, you cannot detect where in Nigeria or Africa the speaker comes from. Unlike the GNEP, the principles of “loud and faint parts of words”, and “words connect” are clearly applied.

EEP does not exalt American English (AmE) over British English (BrE) and vice versa but promotes a globally understandable English, an accent that is not strange to even native speakers of English and need not be interpreted to any English speaker.

EEP is marked by a clear application of the sounds of the schwa and proper modulation. It’s also marked by accurate pronunciation, clear expression, and natural delivery.

ICCOM certifies BrE Pronunciation, AmE Pronunciation EriE Pronunciation

Let’s Rate your Spoken English

ICCOM accent rating committee will listen to your reading presentation and rate your accent as follows:
1. ERI English Pronunciation = EEP
2. General Nigerian English Pronunciation = GNEP
3. Regional Nigerian English Pronunciation = RNEP

Send us a recording of your voice on WhatsApp and let’s rate your spoken English for free and advice you on which of our courses best suits you!

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