Spoken English Class Resources: ERI English Broadcast 19/11

Spoken English class resources for the week

We bring you Kids Think. Students are given scenarios and they talk about what they would do if confronted with same.

In this edition, pupils of Good Shepherd Schools, Lagos share their thinking on what they’ll do IF on your way back home, and you noticed from a distance that the window of your house is broken, your door is slightly opened—ajar. You also see a strange car packed on the driveway.



Reading Platform

We discuss reading fluency and pronunciation. Learn how to improve your reading and comprehension skills by applying some simple techniques.


Everyday English

Did you know? When a word ends in letter r and the next word begins in a vowel, you link the r to the beginning vowel. Learn how to link words with the letter r and how to glide with the sound /w/ in this edition.




Also, learn what to say and what not to say when making a request or responding to a request.


Diction Class

Unlike words in your native language, English words have loud and faint parts. Learn how two, three and four syllable words


African Values

How to make someone feel welcomed and wanted.




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