English Class Resources: ERI English Broadcast 12/3/2019

Our English class resources for the week:

African Values

What do you have that you can share with others? Is it ideas, food, clothes, knowledge, money? Learn the importance of giving in this week’s edition of African Values.



Reading Platform

What reading skills do you need to become a confident and entertaining reader? Listen to this excerpt from FRIENDS (by Evelyn Edordu) and pay attention to details.





Kids Think

Kids think is a critical reasoning exercise for kids. In this week’s edition of the programme, pupils of Good Shepherd School, Lagos responded to this scenario: Feeling uncomfortable on the street – you are walking home or going somewhere with your siblings and (a) someone seems to be following you behind., (b) a vehicle slows or stops by you. Hear their responses on: (1) What will you do? Why? (2) What will you not do? Why? (3) What options do you have? and on.




Everyday English

Pronunciation Check: Listen to how some words are pronounced, and repeat after the model. Also, learn how to glide with the /j/ sound in this edition of Everyday English.




Diction Class

Tenses: Subject Verb Agreement – when we talk about words that have to do with tenses, we think about actions. You need to know when an action took place. Watch this edition of Diction Class and learn how to use some difficult verbs correctly.




Etiquette and Body Language

Table Manners: Learn some no-nos of table manners in this edition of Etiquette and Body Language.





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