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Books that Teach Letters and Sounds

Books that  teach letters and sounds are great for reinforcing knowledge. When you help your learners appreciate and love books from an early age, it accelerates their understanding of the topic you have discussed. People store their thoughts in books and so when we read books, we are taking in stored knowledge.

When children begin to read either the letters of the English Alphabet or blending two and three letter words, introducing them to books helps evaluate the progress they are making.  But it is important to use age appropriate books or graded books. If you give the learners too much to do, they may see reading as something too difficult to do and this might cause them to stop reading entirely.

Balance Needed

Your goal is to get the learners to love reading. To achieve this objective you can take two routes which can be easily combined.

  1. Ask the learners the kind of books they love and then read it to them.
  2. Encourage the learners to learn to read so they can explore more books for themselves

You can give explicit instruction on reading. This means actively helping the learners pick out books they love, or offering them books that you have enjoyed reading.  As mentioned earlier the reading material should be graded and age appropriate.

There are many different types of books that can be used to teach the letter names and sounds.

Introducing Learners to books that teach letter Sounds  with Read-Write Phonics

You need a good a book that will help you reach yours learners heart and get them involved in the learning process.
It’s important as it serves as a tool to guide you in the teaching process as well as give you idea in how to properly enrich the knowledge of your learners.

ICCOM has books that can help you teach letters of the English Language and its sounds effectively. For example, the Read-Write Phonics has proved to be a very practical guide for teaching letter names and sounds and then helping younger learners practice writing the letters. You can order the Read-Write Phonics as part of the Course Materials for the Speech and Presentation Course.

Other Books that teach Letter Sounds

There are other books that can also be effective in teaching letter names. One great book is ABC authored by Dr. Seuss.  You can also access other good books by carrying out an online search. On the search bar type ABC books, books to teach letter names or phonics and sounds. You will get access to these and other books that can be used in effectively teaching learners letters and sounds.

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