SEC Level 6 Online


SEC level 6 has eight modules and sixteen lessons

  • Reading transcriptions
    • Using phonetic symbols as a guide
    • Identifying transcribed words using context
  • Understanding loud and faint parts of words
    • Reading words in Isolation
    • Reading words in a sentences
  • Weak Forms of Words
    • Principles of weak forms of words
    • 40+ weak words in English and their usage
  • Words Connect
    • Using word formation as a guide
    • Principles of Words Connect.
  • Intonation
    • Avoiding miscommunication.
    • The Fall-Rise and Rise-Fall tones
  • Public Speaking/Presentation
    • Speaking extempore
    • Presentation guide (2)
  • Speak Correct English
    • What is collocation
    • Un-English Expressions
  • Personal Branding
    • creating a brand
    • how to build you brand

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  This course is only available to persons who have taken the SEC Level 5 Spoken English course.


SEC Level 6 is designed for individuals who have acquired a theoretical knowledge of spoken English but want to specialise as public speakers, presenters, Compere’s and other speech related careers. Only available to persons who have taken the SECA Level 5 Spoken English Course.



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