SEC Level 5 Online


SEC Level 5 is made up of seven modules and fifteen lessons:

  • Introduction to Transcriptions
    • Transcriptions simplified
    • Transcribing sentences.
  • Loud and faint parts of words
    • Identifying loud and faint syllables.
    • The schwa and faint syllables
  • Weak Forms of words
    • Understanding faint forms
    • Words that have faint forms
  • Words Connect
    • Principles and rules of words connect
    • Words connect in reading/speaking
  • Prosody and Intonation
    • The tone unit
    • Applying the sure tone
    • Applying the Question tone
  • Public Speaking/Presentation
    • Introduction to public Speaking
    • Presentation guide (1)
  • Speak Correct English: Subject-Verb Agreement
    • The basic principle in subject verb agreement
    • 20 rules of subject verb agreement

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SEC Level 5 advanced level course is for graduates of linguistics, English, Mass Communications or other related courses who have acquired a theoretical knowledge of spoken English, but want to improve their practical use of English. They will sit a pretest and must score at least 60% in Spoken English (Theory) Test. This course is best for persons in broadcasting, customer service, public speaking and other speech related careers.



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