SEC Level 4 Online


SEC Level 4 is made up of five modules and fourteen lessons:

  • The English Sound System- Consonants (Manner of articulation)
    • Plosives
    • Fricatives
    • Nasal stops
    • Approximants
    • Alveolar
    • Post Alveolar
  • Loud and faint Parts of words (Using parts of speech)
    • Words with similar meanings
    • Words with different meanings
  • Words Connect (C+C using blends as a guide)
    • Consonant blends bl, pl,fl,cl
    • Consonant blends br, dr,cr,fr,pr
  • Intonation
    • Sure Tone: Definition and Usage
    • Question Tone: Definition and Usage
  • Speak Correct English
    • Tenses and grammar
    • 100 Un-English Expressions

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  This course is only available to persons who have taken the SEC Level 3 Spoken English course.


Spoken English Level 4 is designed for individuals who want to specialise in teaching Oral English at the secondary school level. This course is best for persons who are already working as Diction in English teachers or facilitators at the Primary school level. Only available to persons who have taken the SECA Level 3 Spoken English course.




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