SEC Level 3 Online


SEC Level 3 has six modules and sixteen lessons.

  • Letters of the English Alphabet
    • Mastering difficult to pronounce letter names
    • Word practice (letter names beginning in vowels)
    • Letter “H” and the Aspiration problem
  • The English Sound System- Consonants (Place of articulation)
    • Lenis consonant sounds
    • Fortis consonant sounds.
  • Loud and Faint Parts of Words (review)
    • Understanding loud and faint parts of words
    • Identifying loud syllables
    • Identifying faint syllables
  • Words Connect
    • Five principles of words connect
    • Words connect reading practice
  • Intonation Review
    • The music of the English language
    • Principles of the question Tone (Rising tone)
    • Principles of Sure Answer Tone (Falling tone)
  • Speak Correct English
    • Tenses
    • 50 Un-English Expressions

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SEC Level 3 course is an intermediate level self improvement course designed for individuals who have  had some exposure to and training in Spoken English. Ideally, it is for teachers who are teaching diction in English at the primary level and would like to improve their reading and speaking skills. Persons who seek to register for this course will sit a pretest to determine their qualification. They must score at least 50% in the SECA Level 1 test.



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