SEC Level 2 Online


SEC Level 2 contains six modules and sixteen lessons. This course is delivered in text and video

  • Spelling longer words
    • Words of 3/4 syllables
    • Words with silent letters
    • Spelling words with double consonants
  • More on the English sound system (Vowel and Consonant blends)
    • Introduction to Vowel blends (rules)
    • Introduction to Consonant blends (rules)
    • Introduction to Transcriptions
      • What are transcriptions
      • How to transcribe words
  • Identifying loud and faint parts of words (Using the dictionary)
    • Identifying stress marks
    • Reading stress marks
  • Words Connect (V+V, C+C)
    • Words connect simplified
    • Connecting vowel endings to beginning vowels
    • Connecting consonant endings to beginning consonants
  • More on intonation (uses of the sure answer and question tone)
    • When to use the sure answer tone
    • When to use the question tone 
  • Class Management
    • Preparing your lessons
    • Moderating your lessons
    • Assessing your lessons

This course can be completed in four weeks.


Spoken English Course (SEC Level 2) is an online self improvement course for individuals who have taken the Spoken English Level 1 course but who want to specialise in teaching Spoken English. All the lessons are tailor-made for aspiring teachers. Also, this course includes a Class Management module. The Class management module covers preparation, moderation and evaluation of Spoken English Lessons.


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