SEC Level 1 Online


This course, delivered in text and video, is made up of five modules containing twelve lessons.

  • Letters and Spelling
    • Letter names
    • Spelling English Words
  • The English Sound System
    • Consonants of the English Sound System
    • Vowels of the English Sound System
  • Loud and Faint Parts of Words
    • Understanding How Syllables Work
    • Introduction to Loud and Faint Parts of Words
    • Identifying loud and faint words using word endings
  • Words Connect
    • Introduction to words connect
    • Rules of Words connect
      • Linking  Consonants to Vowels
      • Connecting consonants to consonants
  • Intonation
    • Intonation Simplified
    • The Fall Tone
    • The Rise Tone

It can be completed between four and six weeks.


SEC Level 1 online is a beginning level course designed for persons who have had little or no exposure to or had any training in spoken English. They have little or no knowledge of the English phonemes or the sounds that they represent. They have also had little or no exposure to principles of word stress and intonation. Individuals interested in public speaking and presentation, may combine the Spoken English Level 1 course with the Public Speaking course offered by The SpeechMaster’s Court.


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