SAP Course 3D (Gold)


The package costs N3,500/Child/Term or N10,500/Child/Session

Package includes
Facilitator visits school (every other week)
My Spoken English DVD’s
My Spoken English Workbooks
Performance Improvement Training
Accreditation programmes
Performance Appraisal of educators and learners (twice in a term)
End of Term Report


SAP Course 3D is best for schools with basic needs that have malleable educators that wants regular professional support.

The package comes as a pair of DVD and a workbook.

The DVD contains 32 lessons short lessons that aid retention and recall

It teaches:

  • Phonics
  • Phonetics
  • Grammar
  • Common errors in English
  • African values
  • Conversations

Unique Features

Combines education and entertainment

Features cartoon characters that appeal to young minds

Plays soft background music as the lessons are taught

Has 24 public speaking topics for learners in primary/elementary school



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