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Dear King is a heartfelt compilation of seven letters and seventeen principles from a mother determined to give her sons the best direction possible.The book is premised on proven neurological distinctions between men and women which give rise to psychological and emotional differences. Therefore, it explains why these ‘gender’ differences should count in present day conversations. It is a letter to sons that emphasises stoicism, chivalry and empathy. Dear King is written as a manual to help parents raise first rate sons.


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This is a book I will buy many copies and keep for my nephews. It is a book that is perfect for this generation of teenage boys. Abigail has  been bold and I salute her expressing the courage of her convictions in writing this book. In a world when masculinity is being emasculated she wants her boys to grow into men who will look after all around them and be proud to be men.

– Emeka Onwuka, 

CEO – Publisher of

I whole-heartedly recommend this book to every teenage and adult male, as this book will help mould their mental and emotional attitudes to life and relationships. I also recommend this book to parents as a training manual to raise the ‘kings’ of their next generations.

– Olusola Adio, 

Convener of “Breaking #SoulTies”

Simply brilliant and awesome! Abigail Anaba brings her creative writing skills to bare in her presentation of Dear King. The conversational style gives the impression that you are sitting across the room having a conversation with her mind.

– Chris Nkwocha, 


Creator, Diction Avenue


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