Syllable stress masterclass

Stressed Syllable Masterclass

The Stressed Syllable Masterclass takes you through the principles of loud and faint parts of words which is responsible for the music of English. With the English sounds, you learn mainly to pronounce one-syllable words like sit, come, now, first, fire, and on. But there are a multitude of English words that are of more than one syllable. For instance, is it SUCcess or sucCESS? Is it, PARdon or parDON?

How do you determine the stressed and unstressed syllable? Is it important you know how to
pronounce English words correctly? If you think so, learning about syllable stress is just as
important. Chris Nkwocha has developed the most simplified approach to teaching and learning how stress works. His work has helped thousands of people to understand and apply stress in their daily

Benefits of the English Stressed Syllable Masterclass

  • Knowledge of stress helps perfect your pronunciation of English words as it compliments
    your knowledge of Sounds of English.
  • It makes you sound English and helps reduce your local accent.
  • It makes the use of a dictionary easier when you want to check how a new word is
  • It prepares you to work as an oral English teacher in a school.



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