Spoken English Course

The SPoken English Course features accent reduction and speech and presentation.  It is a five-level spoken English, speech training and public speaking course.  Each level may be covered in about 3 months. There are simple exercises that you must complete as you run the certification course. Engaging in practical exercises will help you make good presentations during your project.

Who may Register for the Speech and Presentation Course?

  1. Front desk officers
  2. Public speakers
  3. Air hosts
  4. Teachers
  5. Broadcasters
  6. Young school leavers seeking admission
  7. Persons wishing to school or work abroad

Why do many people shy away from public speaking?

When do people harbour butterflies in their stomach and feel most uncomfortable? People generally develop a common fear when they’re called upon to make a speech or presentation, or when they sense that they are to address an audience. This fear is often described as stage fright or audience fear. Some people describe it with a high-sounding word, glossophobia.

A major cause of glossophobia is a lack of confidence in one’s ability to express themselves freely before a mixed audience of people of various backgrounds. The anxiety of making all manners of imagined mistakes and the fear of not being able to get across to different minds and mindsets pose the greatest obstacle.

How can you get rid of glossophobia?

The first step to getting rid of this global speech pandemic is to polish your accent, by making it sound posh and listenable.

We have a team of mentors who are ready to give you all the support you need to succeed in the Speech and Presentation Online Course. Meet

1. Chris Nkwocha, a speech coach of more than two decades of experience.

2. Abigail Anaba, a speech coach of more than two decades of experience.

3. Joy Nwankpa, a speech trainer for more than a decade.

4. Shulamite Micah, a speech trainer for more than a decade.

5. Chinyere Philip, a speech trainer for more than a decade.

6. Tega Amushan, a speech trainer with ICCOM.

7. Princess Paul, a speech trainer with ICCOM.

You can arrange your online training with any of our mentors by first checking their profile and the cost of engaging them via email, zoom or WhatsApp. Or a combination of all or two of the options.

Training Options

A group class is entitled to 1 hour free WhatsApp chat and 1-hour free zoom (video conferencing) meeting with their mentor per week. A group may be hosted by more than one mentor. Any additional chat or meeting with your mentor will attract an extra charge per hour rating of their mentor spread among group mentees.

Each mentee of a private class is entitled to a free 30 minutes of WhatsApp chat and a free 30 minutes of zoom (video conferencing) meeting with their mentor per week. Any additional meeting with your mentor will attract an extra charge per hour rating of your mentor.

Additional Services

  1. Private Class: A one-on-one class of mentee with mentor only.
  2. Group class: 5 mentees with their mentor only.
  3. Group class: 10 mentees with their mentor only.
  4. Group Class: 15 mentees with their mentor only.
  5. Group Class: 20 mentees and their mentor only.
  6. Group Class: about 20 to 30 mentees with their mentor onl

Course Registration

Register for the Spoken English Course in Three Easy Steps.
1. Apply for the Course.
Please fill out the application form by following the link below.

Fill out Application Form

2. Pay for Registration/Pretest
The cost of registration and pretest is N10,000 payable into:

Education Resorts International Stanbic Bank 0006958351

Early Rise Investments Ltd, Access Bank, 0031718387.

Send a screenshot of your payment to WhatsApp number 08061282222 to get the login details for the pretest

3. Pay for the Course
After you have received your pretest result, you will be expected to pay at least 70% of the Course Fee of N30,000 before you begin taking the course. After the payment, you will be prompted to Choose a Mentor from a pool of available mentors.

Spoken English Course Modules

The Spoken English Course has five modules:

  1. Letters of the English Alphabet/Spelling
  2. Introduction to the English Sound system
  3. Introduction to Loud and faint parts of words (using word endings)
  4. Words Connect (C+V, C+C))
  5. Introduction to Intonation


Course Contents

The five modules contain twelve lessons:

  1. Letters and Spelling
  2. Letter names
  3. Spelling English Words
  4. The English Sound System
  5. Consonants of the English Sound System
  6. Vowels of the English Sound System
  7. Loud and Faint Parts of Words
  8. Understanding How Syllables Work
    1. Introduction to Loud and Faint Parts of Words
    2. Identifying loud and faint words using word endings
  9. Words Connect
    1. Introduction to words connect
    2. Rules of Words connect
    3. Linking Consonants to Vowels
    4. Connecting consonants to consonants
  10. Intonation
  11. Intonation Simplified
    1. The Fall Tone
    2. The Rise Tone

Course Duration

Thirteen weeks. However, it can be completed between ten and thirteen weeks.



The course is delivered as text and video. It is recommended that you watch the videos while looking at the text. Oral and/or written quizzes accompany each lesson. You must complete the quizzes before advancing to the next lesson. Please note that the passing grade for each quiz is 65%.


Completing this course will lead to the award of the SECA LEVEL 1 Certificate.

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