ICCOM speak with confidence course

Speak with Confidence Course

The Speak with Confidence Course is for individuals who struggle with English tenses and grammar.

Have you been having it difficult communicating with people in English? Do you, quite too often, grope for words and end up using fillers such as “You know” or some gestures to replace the exact words you want to use? Do you sometimes feel shy and inferior because you are not able to express yourself the way you really want?

You will be taught

1. How to right your tenses
2. How to make subjects agree with verbs (concord)
3. What words are used together (collocation)
4. How to pronounce English words.

You will get daily tips on how to improve your English: Words of the Week (videos) and Phrase of the Day for free.

Time Options

One hour/week on a platform/time you agree with your mentor


12 Weeks


40,000 naira per participant

Account Details

Education Resorts International Stanbic Bank 0006958351

Early Rise Investments Ltd, Access Bank, 0031718387.

Send a screenshot of your payment to WhatsApp number 08061282222 to get the login details after payment.


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