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Intonation Masterclass

The Intonation Masterclass is designed to teach you how to get attention when you speak? If your speech and presentation draw people’s attention, you are about to emerge a winner. Winners are usually listenable. But what makes one listenable?

  • Good pronunciation that is achieved when you master the English sounds and understand
    how stress works.
  • The sound of your voice, which phoneticians refer to as intonation.

In this masterclass, you will also learn how to express yourself in different situations. For example, in what speech tone do you express politeness and happy greetings? In what speech tone can you persuade people to buy into your ideas?

Benefits of the Intonation Masterclass

  • The right speech tone can open doors because you appear to be pleasant.
  • The right speech tone makes you stand out among others.
  • The right speech tone does not keep your listeners in doubt as to the state of your mood.
  • The use of the right speech tone makes you sound musical when you are conversing with
  • Your knowledge of speech tones prepares you to teach speech in schools.

Facilitators of the Masterclass

Chris Nkwocha, Abigail Anaba and their team of speech mentors.


4 hours. ( Fridays 2:00pm – 6:00pm)


Zoom App


Fee: ₦5,000 per participant

Account Details

Education Resorts International Stanbic Bank 0006958351

Early Rise Investments Ltd, Access Bank, 0031718387.

Send a screenshot of your payment to WhatsApp number 08061282222 to get the login details after payment.


At the end of the programme: you will be sent a password to download a full video of the sounds of English containing several examples, and a certificate of participation.


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