Speech and Presentation Course

Speech and Presentation Course

The speech and presentation course is designed to mentor learners to reduce their local accent and speak the English the world understands.

The classes help learners understand and apply the concepts of English sounds, stress, intonation, connected speech, and weak words in the most simplified way, using the mentor-mentee approach. It also covers public speaking skills and values.

The speech and presentation course aims to instil confidence in learners and prepare them for real-life experiences in the broadcasting and public speaking field. It does more. It aims to possibly eliminate glossophobia, the fear of speaking, among learners and equip them to face future challenges like interviews, acting, and making presentations (selling) with utmost confidence.

The course runs from the preschool classes to the uppermost class in secondary school

Since we have schools with varying capacity, we have different package options you can choose from. Feel free to contact us to discuss which of our courses will best suit your school.



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