speech and presentation talkshop

By Abigail Onyemefie

The ICCOM Speech and Presentation Talkshop for Educators held at Christian International School, Owerri, Imo State. The talkshop which concluded on an excellent note was well received by teachers from forty-eight different private schools within the Owerri axis, who rated the experience as “excellent, educative, interesting, edifying, enlightening” and more.

The Speech and Presentation Talkshop took place on 1 -2 of August 2018 and was anchored by Mr. Chris Nkwocha, Speech Coach and CEO of Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) Nigeria.

A total of ninety-eight(98) individuals attended the 2018/2019 Academic Session Talkshop representing Forty-four (44) different private schools. Attendees included teachers, heads of schools, and proprietors.

Contents of the Speech and Presentation Talkshop
speech and presentation talkshop

The Speech and Presentation Talkshop covered The Sterling Quality of an Educator,  the Principles of Intonation, Words Connect, Pronunciation – loud and faint parts of words, sounds, reading tips and much more.

Also, the new course video and its accompanying workbook entitled “My Spoken English” was introduced.  The video lessons containing the new video feature  “My African Values” were played to the hearing of the entire participants. The new features of the workbook were also analyzed. Some of the unique features include:

  1. Complete elimination of writing from the lessons.
  2. Thirty-six units of Spoken English lessons per class that ensure daily speech lessons.
  3. Sound effects that ensure retention of lessons.
  4. A glossary that explains some new phrases.
  5. Marking scheme for educators.
  6. Oral practice sessions.
  7. African values that will help restore our dying culture.
  8. Colourful illustrations.

During the Speech and Presentation Talkshop, it was discovered that quite a number of the participants could not read fluently. Practical tongue training exercise (Speech drill/therapy) was carried out during the oral practice sessions, and there was a positive response from among the trainees. Corrections were made after a series of practice sessions.


At the end of the Speech and Presentation Talkshop, there was a marked improvement in the participants’ spoken English. They were able to showcase how much they have learnt during the oral practice sessions.  Their performances were impressive, while quite a few participants still needed to work harder. 

Speech and Presentation talkshop


The participants expressed enthusiasm and willingness to make practical application of all they have learnt from the training. They  also looked forward to using such knowledge to groom their students to meet international standards of speech and presentation


At the end of the training, the participants were all elated and delighted to be part of such an impactful training. They expressed their appreciation both in words and in writing.

Nzuruike Nkeiru of Humility International school wrote: “At the end of this workshop, I was able to understand different steps in reading and other roles of a teacher. It was an interesting and educative programme. Keep it up.”

Isiodu Stella of Prince Schools commented: “You people did marvelously well especially on words pronunciations. Kudos.”

Mr. Chikezie Baylon Paschal of Marist Nursery/Primary School, Uturu, Abia State wrote: “The programme was a very good one, an eye opener, educating, entertaining married by cheerful and friendly staff. We need more of it. God bless you for the good work you’re doing.”

Akojindu Gloria of Nnuola Intl. Schools, Owerri, also has this to say, “The talkshop was educative and quite informative. The speech coach and his team were quite accommodating and friendly, making the seminar an attractive one. Which makes us wish it did not come to an end.”

Mrs. Isaac Precious of Little Angels Montessori Schools World Bank, Owerri also wrote: “The seminar is very, very educative, entertaining and most of all interesting and edifying. I love this seminar because I learnt a lot, at least I now know how to read, how to read words before a comma and more. This seminar has impacted my life a lot. Keep it up.”


More Reactions

Another participant Cliffs-Paschal Christopher of Prince-Chizy Model School, Irete wrote: “Indeed, it was a great and successful training made possible by the Institute of Certified Communicators Nigeria.”

“Mr. Chris Nkwocha (coach) is a wonderful educationist who has transformed education into a lively engagement. I really enjoyed every aspect of the programme. Bravo!!! To you all.”

A participant who wrote the general acknowledgment on behalf of all the attendees stated: “Honestly, it was a wonderful programme/training. All honour to Almighty God who has given knowledge and life to start up this programme. Bravo!!! To all the coordinators for bringing us to this level of extraordinary knowledge. This organization of Educators has done a great job in the lives of other teachers. May God give us the strength to soar higher like an eagle.”

Overall, the responses from the entire participants were positive. Written comment on training was positive, indicating that they appreciated the learning opportunity.