ICCOM Talk Shop with Doremma schools Otta

The Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) concluded the first ICCOM Talk Shop, Tuesday. The staff and teachers of Doremma Schools Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria, attended the first class. At the end of the ICCOM Talk Shop, the teachers said the shop was ‘impactful for 21st-century educators’.  They wrote, “We are delighted to have you as outstanding educators in our society that shape the lives of educators and learners in this country. It was an impactful and thorough talk shop for the 21st-century educators in our society. We say many thanks to you.”

Doremma teacher's training

ICCOM Talk Shop Antecedents

For over two decades, the Institute of Certified Communicators and its affiliates have been at the forefront of providing hands-on seminars, workshops, and talk shops to educate and inform learners and educators. These events have helped them improve their reading and speaking skills. Presently, ICCOM and its affiliate train teachers in over one hundred schools in Nigeria and Africa.

What the Teacher’s Learned

The teachers of Doremma Schools learned how to use the new training kit. The training kit made up of the new course videos on DVD and the MySETBox (audio) is set to launch in the 2018/2019 academic session. The materials focus on the core areas of English reading/speaking: the letters of the English alphabet, English sounds, Loud and faint parts of words, connected speech and intonation. The teachers were happy to be reminded of these subject in new and interesting ways.

Next Steps

Teachers of Doremma Schools are looking forward to applying the things they have learned at the ICCOM Talk Shop as they groom their students to meet international standards of speech and presentation. ICCOM wishes them the best and looks forward to working with them during the new academic session.