English Language Trivia

English Language Trivia

How much do you know about the English language?

Beyond the grammar and diction, there are some amazing facts about the English Language. These include how many people speak the language, where they live, how English words evolve and more. This English Language Trivia will help you learn some facts about the English Language. Why not try your hands on our quiz of the week and see how much you know about the English language.

English Language Facts

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English is the official language of the US and UK.
English is the ultimate pidgin. About ________words are added every year.
The word 'alphabet' is formed by joining the names of the first two letters in ______
Letter 'E' makes up what percentage of the English language?
How many countries in the world have English as their official language?
The dot over letters 'i' and 'j' is called______
English words that have contradictory meanings are called_____?
In what year was the first English Dictionary written?
English is the ______ most spoken language in the world by population.
What is this sign called in the English language: ‘&’

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