Learn to improve your spoken English and grow in confidence with our professionally researched courses for learners, educators, and professionals. We offer classes in-person (for schools and individuals) and on-line.

Courses for Schools

The courses for schools run in two formats:

  1. The in-person course, where our facilitators visit the schools and run the Speech and Presentation course directly in their classrooms.
  2. The online course, where our speech mentors host classes on  WhatsApp, Zoom or Telegram using both video and audio lessons.

Using either format, some schools have chosen to self-facilitate the course after their training on how to manage the classes. The objective of the Speech and Presentation (SAP) course is to entrench the culture of speaking English the world understands in schools and at the same time bolstering the confidence of learners and educators. SAP runs from year 1 to year 12. The preschool classes offer phonics.

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Online  Courses for Individuals

The On-Line courses are designed for teachers, communicators, broadcasters and any individuals that want to improve their pronunciation, speaking and reading and speak international standard English. The course is 100% on-line and terminates with a certification.

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