The speech and presentation course is designed to entrench the culture of speaking the English the world understands in schools, and at the same time bolster the confidence of learners and educators. It runs from year 1 to year 12. The preschool classes offer phonics. The programme now comes in four Dimension package: I-D, 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D. It’s up to you to choose what best suits you. What option do you prefer?

Course Description:

ICCOM runs two but one scheme in schools: the speech scheme and the presentation scheme. While the speech scheme focuses on speaking and reading, the presentation scheme focuses on the art of public speaking. One of the lessons in My Spoken English videos addresses public speaking topics. The same topics is treated across the classes same day as a general course. This is a strategic plan that help strengthen the spoken English and presentation skill of educators and learners in schools.


Do it yourself—whole school involvement—teachers and pupils get things done themselves under our tutelage.


Your involvement in the process is minimal. Our physical presence means so much to you and the success of the programme. Read more about these two main offers under the subheading Our SAP Packages below.

The Speech and Presentation course is a 100% practical class where only listening and speaking is done. There is absolutely no form of writing in the speech and presentation class. Learners, however, write at home as they engage in the take-home exercises. Pupils learn by listening to the course videos and practice as they speak when making presentations in their class and at the morning assembly.

We all know that through presentations one can pass any information to an audience. Here, in the speech and presentation class, the audience are members of a class, and some of the information disseminated include topics in phonics, phonetics, grammar, common errors in English, reading and African values. All presentations are made by learners themselves. How does it work?

How it works

  • Learners are assigned what to present to the class and they get prepared from home over a period of a week or two.
  • Educator plays the lesson for the viewing edutainment of the entire class. The educator who functions as a moderator also leads in the practice exercises as well as moderating presentations made by learners.

Equipment Needed to Run the Programme

Installation of a DVD player and a TV set or electronic board in each of the classrooms is desirable. This will make it possible for lessons to hold in all the classes at the same time. If this is not possible, a speech-room may be created so that classes meet there for their speech and presentation lessons in turns.

Time Allocated to Lessons

A class runs for not more than 15 minutes on daily basis, Monday to Thursday. But not less than 2 days in a week for about 30 minutes.

What We Can Do

We train and accredit educators nominated by you to function as speech coordinators and presentation moderators in your school. The accreditation programme runs for one or two days; and expires over a period of time after which it may be renewed.

Features of the course video

My Spoken English (year 1 to year 6)

  • Comes as a pair of DVD and a workbook
  • Contains about 30 lessons per term
  • Offers daily lessons
  • Presents short lessons that aid retention and recall
  • Teaches:
    • Phonics
    • Phonetics
    • Grammar
    • Corrects common errors in English
    • African values
    • Conversations

Unique Features

  • Combines education and entertainment
  • Features cartoon characters that appeal to young minds
  • Plays soft background music as the lessons are taught

Features of the course video

Presentation and Speech Work (year 7 to year 12)

  • Comes as a pair of DVD and a workbook
  • Offers weekly lessons
  • Presents lessons that aid retention and recall
  • Has 24 public speaking topics for learners in primary/elementary school
  • Teaches:
    • Phonetics
    • Reading
    • Comprehension
    • Poetry
    • Provides tips on speaking, presentation, and public speaking for learners in secondary school

Unique Features

  • Features cartoon characters that appeal to young minds
  • Plays soft background music as the lessons are taught

This course comes in four pages. View the packages here