SECA – Acquire the Common African Accent

That you are reading this post shows that you want to speak the English the world understands— you want to improve the way you speak. We are here to help. The Spoken English Certification Assessment or SECA for short is the Institute of Certified Communicator’s approved test which leads to the award of Certificates in six levels, and three categories. Read on to learn the categories available, the course materials, the registration processes, assessment formats, and certification procedure.


The six levels are divided into three categories: Beginner (levels 1 and 2), Intermediate (levels 3 and 4) and Advanced (levels 5 and 6).

SECA for Schools

  1. Registration is open to candidates in the terminal classes: Primary 5 and 6, Junior Secondary School 3, Senior Secondary School 3.
  2. Schools collate the names of pupils/students, pay the registration fees and then email the list of candidates to
  3. Payments are made either by direct deposit to Diction in English Assessment LTD, First Bank Account number 2014332711 or electronically with the purchase of membership.

SECA for Private Candidates

  1. Any candidate who is out of school or not registered with any participating school, diction instructors and facilitators or persons who work with speech organisations, media houses are considered private candidates.
  2. Private candidates purchase a membership on, and this grants them access to exclusive content including past questions and the SECA syllabus.


  1. SECA Exams will be held twice every year
    • between February and March for schools
    • between October and November for private candidates.
  2. The actual dates for examination each year will be posted at September and December every year.



The assessment will be in two stages.


  • Five minutes of video recording of each candidate to be submitted two weeks before the actual date. Topics each candidate is to speak on will be communicated to the school and posted on the website each year once the date of the exams is announced.


  • Candidates will attempt 100 questions on spelling, pronunciation, reading and speaking. The questions will be hosted online on and will be accessed all day on the day of the exam.


  1. Private Candidates may access their results on their dashboard immediately after sitting the examination.
  2. Candidates from schools will have their results sent to their schools.
  3. Certificates will be issued only to candidates whose scores are 60% and above.
  4. Candidates who score below 60% will get a Statement of Result.
  5. e-copies of Certificates are available at no extra charge.
  6. Hard copies of Certificates are available at an additional fee of N5,000.0 Only
  7. Private candidates who require shipping of Certificates will be charged extra for delivery depending on their location.
  8. SECA results will show a breakdown of the scores obtained in each section of the assessment and the grades obtained. There will be four grades in order of merit.
  9. The grades are interpreted as follows:
  • A Distinction       90+
  • B Excellent          80+
  • C Very Good       70+
  • D Good               60+


  1. Only complaints from private candidates should be sent directly to the assessment body.
  2. Any alterations on the certificates render them invalid and will attract legal actions.

You can start the registration process right away by filling out the SECA APPLICATION FORM  for private candidates.  But first, visit  our course section to  see the list of courses available. The SECA syllabus will become available to you upon registration.