Collocation In English

In English, collocation is two or more words that go together naturally.  Collocation makes your English sound fluent and natural. It is like a firm handshake between two people.

How Collocation Works

Collocation: Big

The word BIG is often used alongside happenings or events. For example:

A big decision

A big disappointment

A big surprise

A big failure

A big improvement


Collocation: Great

The word GREAT is often used along with feelings or qualities.

Great + Feelings

Great admiration

Great excitement

Great joy

Great anger

Great improvement

Great accomplishment

Great + Qualities

Great power

Great wealth

Great understanding

Great wisdom

In great detail

Great skill

Collocation: Large

The word LARGE goes with words that have to do with numbers and measurements.

A large proportion

A large number

A large scale

A large quantity

A large population

Collocation: Heavy

HEAVY is used with some weather conditions:

Heavy rain

Heavy fog

Heavy snow

Heavy is also used with other words to describe people with bad habits.

A heavy drug user

A heavy smoker

A heavy drinker

A heavy sleeper

Note: The expression “a heavy sleeper” is not someone who sleeps a lot instead it’s a person who doesn’t wake up easily when sleeping.

In addition, HEAVY is used in collocation with two unpleasant things:

Heavy traffic

Heavy taxes

Collocation: Deep

The word DEEP is used together with words that express some strong feelings:

Deep depression

Deep devotion

Deep is also used in these expressions:

In deep trouble

In deep thought

In a deep sleep

Collocation: Strong

Strong connects with words that express opinions and senses:

A strong smell

A strong taste

Strong + Facts/opinions

Strong argument

Strong evidence

Strong emphasis

A strong commitment

Strong denial

Strong resistance

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