Can You Match the Letter to its Name?

There are 26 letters of the English Alphabet. Do you know their names? Take this quiz to find out how much you know.

How Good are your Tenses?

Have you ever caught yourself mixing up your tenses? Have you written something and wondered if it is grammatically correct. A lot of non-native speakers of English are not able to get their tenses right. Why not take this quiz and see how good (or bad) you are.

Choose the Right Word

Each question offers two options. Two words that can be used to complete the sentence but only one answer is correct. Choose the correct word for each question.

English Language Trivia

English Language Trivia

How much do you know about the English language? Beyond the grammar and diction, there are some amazing facts about the English Language. These include how many people speak the language, where they live, how English words evolve and more. This English Language Trivia will help you learn some facts about the English Language. Why not try your hands on our quiz of the week and see how much you… Read More »English Language Trivia

Sounds of Letter A

By Chris Nkwocha and Yinka Fapetu When we speak, read or spell, some of the letters of the English alphabet could be just tricky.  The sound they make keep changing as they appear in different words. This change is more performed by vowels though sometimes a few consonants join in. This explains why common letters are not reliable and must not be trusted as they cannot guide what we say… Read More »Sounds of Letter A

Spot the word with the /ᴈ:/ sound

The sound /ᴈ:/ is a very interesting sound. Although it occurs in a number of words in English, not so in many African languages. We can say the sound is alien to Africa. But you can easily spot the sound by the way it is spelt. It can be spelt ‘ir’, ‘or’, ‘ur’, ‘our’,  and on. Here is a quiz to test if you can identify the /ᴈ:/ sound in… Read More »Spot the word with the /ᴈ:/ sound

Letters oo

Can you tell the Sounds of ‘OO’?

Can you tell the sounds of ‘oo’. Here is a quiz that can help you test your knowledge of the various sounds ‘oo’ makes. We have provided a key to help you get started. /ɔ:/ is the vowel sound in court /ʊ/ is the vowel sound in pull /ʌ/ is the vowel sound in hut /u:/ is the vowel sound in fruit It is now time to take the quiz.  

Sounds of animals

Sounds of Animals

Here is your chance to test your knowledge of sounds of animals. Simply identify the animal and choose the sound it makes from the options given.  Don’t forget to fill in your name and email before you start. If you enjoyed this quiz try more here    

Two Minute Quiz

How good is your pronunciation? Take our five-word quiz of common and not so common words and see!