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How to teach vowel Number 3 / e /

/e/ is vowel number three. It is midway between the vowels /ɪ / and /æ/ Some people from Eastern Nigeria may have a harder time saying the /e/ sound because it is not a letter in their alphabet. So, you may hear the sound substituted with /ɪ /. You can listen to the sound here. However, it is not a difficult sound to say with practice. It is also important… Read More »How to teach vowel Number 3 / e /

the u: sound title

How to Teach the Long u Sound

The long u sound is the ninth in the list of vowels of the English Sound System. Like /ɔ:/, we produce this sound with rounded lips. Also, it is a universal sound just like all the other long sounds we have previously discussed on our blog. You can check through our previous blogs to learn about the long e, a, and the/ɔ:/ sounds. In Nigeria, all the major dialects have… Read More »How to Teach the Long u Sound

Quiz: The /i:/ sound

Have you mastered the long ‘e’ sounds? Can you identify words that contain the sound from a list? Why not try your hands on this quiz to see how well you will do. If you need to learn more about the long ‘e’ sound, read this post  

Silent Letters: Odd Word Out

Can you create silent letter word lists? Here is a quiz that tests your knowledge! Pick the odd word from the list of words with silent letters 🙂

Can you tell the Countries of Origin of these Words?

The highest score for this quiz if 85% and the average is 45%. Can you beat the average score? Or are you better than the best? Why not find out by taking the Seven Countries, Seven Words Quiz. Test your English history and geography by selecting the country from which the word was borrowed.