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How to teach vowel Number 3 / e /

/e/ is vowel number three. It is midway between the vowels /ɪ / and /æ/ Some people from Eastern Nigeria may have a harder time saying the /e/ sound because it is not a letter in their alphabet. So, you may hear the sound substituted with /ɪ /. You can listen to the sound here. However, it is not a difficult sound to say with practice. It is also important… Read More »How to teach vowel Number 3 / e /

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How to Teach Vowel Number 11 / 3: /

Vowel number 11 is the last long vowel sound of the twelve monophthongs or pure vowels / 3:/. You can read about how to teach all the other long sounds on our blog 3: cannot be found in most Nigerian languages, hence it is quite difficult for non-native speakers to produce. In Nigeria, many English speakers simply replace the sound with what is most convenient for them. /e/ that is… Read More »How to Teach Vowel Number 11 / 3: /