/ɔ:/ sound title

Can you find the words in the crossword?

Can you find the /ɔ:/ words? Try to crossword and see how well you do! Note: To highlight the words, click on the first and last letter on your computer or on mobile. Enjoy!

Quiz: The /i:/ sound

Have you mastered the long ‘e’ sounds? Can you identify words that contain the sound from a list? Why not try your hands on this quiz to see how well you will do. If you need to learn more about the long ‘e’ sound, read this post  

Silent Letters: Odd Word Out

Can you create silent letter word lists? Here is a quiz that tests your knowledge! Pick the odd word from the list of words with silent letters 🙂 [qsm quiz=26]

Can you tell the Countries of Origin of these Words?

The highest score for this quiz if 85% and the average is 45%. Can you beat the average score? Or are you better than the best? Why not find out by taking the Seven Countries, Seven Words Quiz. Test your English history and geography by selecting the country from which the word was borrowed. [qsm quiz=25]  

How Good are your Tenses?

Have you ever caught yourself mixing up your tenses? Have you written something and wondered if it is grammatically correct. A lot of non-native speakers of English are not able to get their tenses right. Why not take this quiz and see how good (or bad) you are. [qsm quiz=13]

Choose the Right Word

Each question offers two options. Two words that can be used to complete the sentence but only one answer is correct. Choose the correct word for each question. [qsm quiz=12]