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What Variety of Nigerian English Do You Speak

The Institute of Certified Communicators has identified two varieties of Englishes spoken by Nigerians. Which type of Nigerian English do you speak? Read on to find out and learn how our accent reduction course can help you speak English that will be understood anywhere in the world.   Nigerian Englishes There are two varieties of Nigerian Englishes General Nigerian English Pronunciation (GNEP) Regional Nigerian English Pronunciation (RNEP) General Nigerian English… Read More »What Variety of Nigerian English Do You Speak

Speech and Presentation Course

Speech and Presentation Course

The speech and presentation course is designed to mentor learners to reduce their local accent and speak the English the world understands. The classes help learners understand and apply the concepts of English sounds, stress, intonation, connected speech, and weak words in the most simplified way, using the mentor-mentee approach. It also covers public speaking skills and values. The speech and presentation course aims to instill confidence in learners and… Read More »Speech and Presentation Course

Accent Reduction Course

The Accent Reduction/Speech and Presentation course is a five-level spoken English, speech training and public speaking course. Each level comprises about 100 lessons divided into 3 parts (.1, .2, and .3). Each level may be covered in about 3 months. There are simple exercises that you must complete as you run the certification course. Engaging in practical exercises will help you make good presentations during your project. And at the… Read More »Accent Reduction Course

short u sound

The Short U Sound

The letter u has two short sounds, /Ʌ/ and /Ʊ/. There is no easy way of tell when the short u will say /Ʌ/ or /Ʊ/. Always consult your dictionary to be sure. In today’s lesson, we will be learning about of the two sounds of the short u, /Ʊ/. The vowel /Ʊ/ sound is vowel number eight. It is a short sound which sounds a lot like the ‘o’… Read More »The Short U Sound

short o sound

The Short O Sound

The short ‘O’ sound is vowel number six. It is a short sound. The sound does not have an equivalent in our native languages. So, you often find that many persons substitute it with /ɔ/.  So they will say /pɔt/ instead of /pɒt/ leading to native speakers hearing ‘port’.  Listen to how the English sound /ɒ/ is produced and repeat the sound till you master it.  Watch Diction Avenue now… Read More »The Short O Sound

ERI English Broadcast 12/3/2019

This week on ERI English Broadcast African Values What do you have that you can share with others? Is it ideas, food, clothes, knowledge, money? Learn the importance of giving in this week’s edition of African Values.     Reading Platform What reading skills do you need to become a confident and entertaining reader? Listen to this excerpt from FRIENDS (by Evelyn Edordu) and pay attention to details.    … Read More »ERI English Broadcast 12/3/2019

ERI English Broadcast 26/11/2019

On ERI English BroadCast This Week: Reading Platform We provide you with the opportunity to become a confident and entertaining reader. Listen to this excerpt from Friends (by Evelyn Edordu)       Diction Class This week on Diction Class, we take on Words Connect. When we speak, we do not say words as if they are standing alone. Listen to how these in connect in sentences: She’s a, can… Read More »ERI English Broadcast 26/11/2019

How to teach vowel Number 3 / e /

/e/ is vowel number three. It is midway between the vowels /ɪ / and /æ/ Some people from Eastern Nigeria may have a harder time saying the /e/ sound because it is not a letter in their alphabet. So, you may hear the sound substituted with /ɪ /. You can listen to the sound here. However, it is not a difficult sound to say with practice. It is also important… Read More »How to teach vowel Number 3 / e /

ERI English Broadcast 19/11

This week on ERI English Broadcast We bring you Kids Think. Students are given scenarios and they talk about what they would do if confronted with same. In this edition, pupils of Good Shepherd Schools, Lagos share their thinking on what they’ll do IF on your way back home, and you noticed from a distance that the window of your house is broken, your door is slightly opened—ajar. You also see… Read More »ERI English Broadcast 19/11