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The Short O Sound

The short ‘O’ sound is vowel number six. It is a short sound. The sound does not have an equivalent in our native languages. So, you often find that many persons substitute it with /ɔ/.  So they will say /pɔt/ instead of /pɒt/ leading to native speakers hearing ‘port’.  Listen to how the English sound /ɒ/ is produced and repeat the sound till you master it.  Watch Diction Avenue now


How to Teach the Short O sound.

The first step is to help the learners master how the sound is said in isolation. With rounded lips say the sound /a/.

Now pair this sound with other consonant sounds to create new words. Try saying these words: Pot, Bob, Dot, God, Jot.

As can be seen from the above examples, the  /ɒ/  sound is predominantly spelt with the letter o. But there are other spelling variants for the sound. Here are some examples: a, au, o,  and ou.


More Word Examples for the Short O sound

Learn to say these words with the Short “o” sound

Robin    /rɒbɪn/                                 cough /kɒf/

Octopus /ɒktәpәs/                          Wander /wɒndә/

Want     /wɒnt/                                 Common /kɒmәn/

Watch   /wɒt∫/                                  Stop /stɒp/

Wash     /wɒ∫/                                    Frog /stɒp/


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