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TEA: Teach, Explain, Answer

We well know that to achieve a speak-right environment, teachers must be fully involved in promoting and maintaining the speak-right culture. In their various schools, they serve as role models to their learners. For this reason, we need a training arena for all teachers where we will Teach, Explain and Answer. (TEA)

That is why number 17 on the Strategic and Implementation Plan for Speech and Presentation Course states: “To achieve a speak right environment, each teacher is to write five sentences, and make words connect in them on a daily basis.” They are to post their sentences on the group platform. The teachers as a group are also to learn the right pronunciation of ten words every week.

To accomplish this, we know your teachers need guidance. Therefore, we are delighted to announce to you that ICCOM has set things in motion to help complement the implementation of this strategy.

To this end, we have created a Telegram group named ICCOM NIGERIA where we will serve TEA (Teach, Explain and Answer). ICCOM NIGERIA on Telegram is created for all teachers of schools facilitated by ICCOM all over Nigeria. On this platform, they will receive TEA through daily Speech lessons and our weekly podcasts.

Consequent upon this development, we hereby invite our esteemed proprietors, school heads and speech coordinators to persuade their teachers to open a telegram account and join the group through this invite link . Be assured that this platform will provide a unique learning experience for all.

Let us all partake of TEA!

We anticipate your usual cooperation.

We are better together.

Abigail Onyemefie

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