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The Costly Shortcut

Have you ever found yourself taking a shortcut to a place only to run into traffic such that you ended up spending even more time than you would have if you had taken the usual route? Well, if you have, you would have regretted your actions but then it would have been too late. Every day, people take shortcuts that have not benefited them. Consider this example.

Each time they went to the hospital, the doctor looked at them with pity and administered some meager treatment and told him she will be okay. And each time he brought up the idea of going for a comprehensive test that will confirm his suspicion, the guy’s body language tells him unequivocally, “I can’t afford it.” This kept going on until it was brought to the attention of one of his siblings who confronted the doctor. And the doctor made it clear that since they cannot afford the right treatment, he decided to give them what they can afford.

Meanwhile, the sum of money they had paid over time was almost the cost of the right treatment. Here the poor guy paid the actual cost of the treatment over a period of time for nothing because as the sickness kept worsening, they were compelled to go for the right but expensive treatment. Now the child’s life is at stake and a decisive action must be taken.

The poor guy in this experience thought he was getting cheap treatment not knowing he was actually cheating himself. He was going to pay more than double the price in the not-so-distant future. What options did he have at the outset? What did they not do right? Failure to have taken some steps and making certain crucial decisions is going to cost him more and much more.

Avoiding a Costly Shortcut

Do you have a car? Do you go for cheap mechanics who use the very cheap parts for the repairs of your car? You will pay more than double the price. As we can see, cheap and uninformed decisions can cost you more pain and much more money. It’s just a matter of time.

Do you employ the services of mediocre people because they are cheap and affordable? The eventual price you pay may be much higher than you thought you would save.

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