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Procrastination: A Friend of Laziness

Do you have issues with some team members loafing and wasting one of the most valuable resources—time? This abridged presentation by one of our corporate speakers might interest you. It talks about procrastination and how it can kill productivity.

When one is sleeping and as it’s normal, they reluctantly will want to wake up when it’s time to rise. Some, like the wife of Lot, have procrastinated leaving their comfort even in the face of impending danger. Generally, people tend to delay taking drastic action that may elongate or improve their own life because of temporary enjoyment. And those who fall in this class are the procrastinators and the lazy. Procrastination is a lazy approach to life.

What is Procrastination

However, if we can learn from the devastating experience of others, we will passionately hate procrastination and laziness. Procrastination, which is to postpone doing what needs to be done now to another time even when you are actually doing nothing, can ruin one’s life, make one appear irresponsible, unorganized, unfocused.

Look back at your childhood days. When you were asked to do some household chores, did you rise and do them, or did you go about delaying while playing? If you went about playing, and having formed the habit of not doing things at the right time, you may have realized that it’s affecting your entire life now. It may be true that you are now struggling to survive.

Those who from childhood have formed the habit of procrastination, today find it difficult to get started. They postpone reading, doing their assignment, making research. In offices, they loaf, they are busy doing nothing. Their table is full of pending files. They arrive late to work because they keep rolling on the bed. From I’ll wake up at 4.00 a.m to I’ll wake up at 4:30 a.m. From I’ll wake up at 5.00 a.m to let me rise at 6.00 a.m and on and on.

Avoid Laziness

Procrastination is a close friend of Laziness. Laziness is not one’s inability to do something but their lack of interest to do what they can do that needs to be done. A lazy person does not like to work. A lazy person does not want to work. When they are given a task to do, they reluctantly attend to it or keep it pending while they engage in worthless activities. Lazy persons have more time for pleasure than for work.

How can you kill laziness and stop procrastinating at home, at school and your place of work and become more active and productive?

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