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How to Pick your Presentation Topic

How to pick your topic is an essential part of making presentations. This post is the first in a series of articles that will help persons who wish to register for the Speech Master’s National Contest to make the best presentations.

Picking your Topic

The topic or theme of your presentation is the first point of attraction to your listeners. If your topic is not well articulated, the listeners may not see any reason they should listen to you.

Sometimes you will get a theme to talk about. In this case, there is nothing you can do about it. But, if you are asked to select a topic as in the Speechmaster’s National Contest, how will you do so?

First, think about what you enjoy talking about the most and make a list of the top three. Next, think about the duration of your talk.  How does the length of your presentation affect the topic you choose? You may need to rank the topics you have listed in the order in which you will be able to speak on them. Some topics you can speak on for longer than others.

A third thing to consider is how much interest people will have on the topic. If the things you like talking about are boring. You will lose the interest of the audience very quickly unless you find a creative way of making it fun and interesting.

In the case of a competition like the Speechmaster’s National Contest, you also want to be sure you understand the rules of the competition and how the rules may affect your topic.  For this competition, you are expected to end your talk with, “your accent is your asset”, which of the topics best lends itself to this closure?

Also, remember, you will be watched on pronunciation, clarity, gestures, and confidence. Of the themes you have listed, which will be most flattering to the qualities listed?

Questions You Need to Ask

Here are some questions you also need to ask yourself:

  1. Will the listeners be interested in the subject? This is perhaps the most important point you should consider when selecting your topic. It is particularly important to let go of self-interest and think from a listeners perspective.
  2. Am I truly passionate about the subject? If you pick something that you’re passionate about, then your listeners will be able to see and feel your passion. Passion leads to mastery and your talk is nothing without it.
  3. Do I truly understand this topic? You don’t have to know every single thing about a topic to deliver a great speech. You can pick a topic you’re knowledgeable about and can supplement the talk with some careful research.


  • Don’t pick any topic so complicated that it will be impossible to inform your audience.
  • Don’t pick any topic that is so controversial that it will distract from your purpose.

You want people to like and share your talk on social media so pick a topic they will connect with and which they will be willing to share. If you have not yet registered for the Speechmaster’s National Contest, click this link to register or go here to read more.

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