A presentation by Chris Nkwocha

The clouds, taken from above the clouds.

Can you take a lesson from the cloud? Have you taken some time to observe the cloud? As one mass of cloud moves, another follows, and another follows, and yet another and another follows and on and on. You may have observed that no two masses of cloud are the same. They come in different shapes and sizes that are better admired by those who travel by air.

Seasons, like the mass of cloud, come and go. People, like the cloud, come and go. Fashion, like the cloud, come and go. Days, weeks, months, and years, like the cloud come and go. We can take a lesson from the clouds.

The cloud is like visible air. We can see the cloud moving, and like the air, we cannot touch it. Just like it does not make sense chasing after the wind, it does not make sense chasing after the cloud. But surprisingly, “leaf people” chase after the cloud because they can see it, and to them, it makes a whole lot of sense.

Have you allowed the cloud of fashion and trends becloud your thinking?

Chris Nkwocha

What Sort of Person are you?

Are you a ‘leaf person”? Do you chase after the cloud? Have you allowed the cloud of fashion and trends becloud your thinking? Many do. If your appetite for the latest of products and fashion is uncontrollable, you had better watch it because you are a “leaf person”. You are working for manufacturers and you may soon go poor.

“Leaf people” do not have a balanced view of goods and fashion. They are not prudent and modest. Wisdom is with the modesty one. Be wise in your choice of things to buy. Be sure that you possess what you need and not what you want. Train your appetite to long for what is necessary not what the eyes see.

For example, I had two good phones before Blackberry hit the shelves. And I sold one of my precious phones and added a good sum of money just to acquire a Blackberry! Today, Blackberry is nowhere near any mobile phone of substance. Blackberry is extinct. What do I do? Keep patronising every other new brand that hits the market? If we take a lesson from the cloud, we will not fall for advertiser’s gimmicks.

Advertisers glamorise products and make you feel worthless without them. And they keep moving like the cloud you can never catch up with. The feel of worthlessness is what “leaf people” have when they don’t have what they don’t need; but “tree people” feel confident and comfortable when they are not tossed and turned by the wind of trends.

Fashion and trends come and go but the wise and modest one stands like a tree and sees them fade away like the dew in the morning sun.

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