Human Capital Managers

The Human Capital Managers, Esau and Jacob

They are two jolly friends but as different as Esau and Jacob.
What makes the difference between them is their disposition to how they live their lives. While Esau procrastinates, Jacob takes prompt action on issues whenever they arise. They are two types of human capital managers.

So it happened one day that Esau gradually took ill. Instead of him to visit his doctor upon seeing the symptom of his sickness, he kept working until he completely broke down. At this point, he had the one option which is to see the doctor. He had to be rushed to the hospital. The sickness had eaten so deep into him that the doctor had to admit him.

Had Esau acted promptly, he should have spent about two thousand Naira on treating the malaria parasite that invaded him. And this act of procrastination cost him, so much pain, time and more money. He paid the huge sum of 60,000 Naira in hospital bill.

If Esau had taken prompt action, he would not have wasted valuable resources: time and money. And of course, human resources, his health.
Unlike Esau, Jacob has a different disposition to crisis management. He was a different type of human capital manager.

Are you a manager? Do you know how to manage crisis? Let’s learn from Jacob’s management style.

A good manager is proactive and takes preventive measures.

When Jacob got a hint of malaria attack, he took prompt action. He immediately saw his doctor who prescribed some drugs that gave him quick relief. He didn’t have to go through the agonising process that Essau went through.

A good manager, like Jacob, is proactive and takes preventive measures. What preventive measures can you take in order to forestall a complete or even a partial breakdown in the process of production and rendering satisfying services?

An abridged presentation on The Human Capital Managers, Esau and Jacob by our corporate speaker, Mr Chris Nkwocha. He is a speech coach and an on air personality.

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